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Aviator Wallet | Obsidian Black


  • Ultra thin slim wallet with quick access 
  • Fits perfectly in your front pocket – no more your thick leather purse
  • Adjustable elastic band suitable for 1 to 20 cards
  • Completely made in Germany from aluminum
  • Useful, handsewn Cash Strap on the backsite to keep your bills secure
  • Provides RFID/NFC protection against digital theft deceivers
  • Optionally with a coin compartment to carry coins & keys
  • A full-fledged slim wallet that is not much bigger then your credit card
  • 4 weeks trial with money back guarantee


Quick access – no more chaos

Using the thumb slot you will be the fastet at the supermarket checkout: With a simple and quick swipe you can fan out your cards and three seconds later they are already in the EC terminal – ready to pay. The elastic band on the back keeps your bills and also cards secure and nothing falls out or gets lost.

  • Safe Hold for 1 – 20 cards
  • Elastic band adjustable on three levels
  • Coated inner sides prevent your card chips and magnetic stripes from being scratched

Upgradable with our Coin Compartment

The elegant Cavity Card is made from only one piece of aluminum. This turns the Aviator Wallet in a fully fledged wallet. In addition to coins, you can store small keys and SD-cards there, the cutout on the back of the Aviator Wallet allows you to simply slide the coin compartment in and out. Easy to use.

Modular Design – all parts interchangable

The Aviator Wallet is designed that all parts can be changed in case of a component has a defect. Using a Torx T5 screwdriver the front aluminum plate can be removed. The screws and all other parts can be ordered under accessoiries in our store. We are convinced of the outstanding quality of our product and give you a lifetime warranty on all aluminum components.

  • Lifetime warranty on all aluminum parts
  • Handsewn, high-elastic strap made of nylon

Product Details

  • Material: aluminum, elastic nylon, spring steel, acrylic glass
  • Dimensions: 8,5 x 5,4 cm
  • Basic Edition: 5 mm thin, weighs 43 g
  • Security: RFID/NFC protection
  • Suitable for credit cards, debit cards, driving licenses, member cards, etc.
  • Srews: Torx T5
  • 100% designed and made in Germany

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