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Ledr Workbook

One Hundred


  • The perfect notebook with a full grain leather cover built to last
  • Extra space for pens and tools that are held by rubber bands
  • Right amount of added storage for your non-stop mobile life
  • Available in orange, black and brown
  • Ideal for sketches and thoughts on the road
  • Designed for active creators, writers and everyday note-takers


Laptops and mobile phones are great for work, but they do not give you the impression of creating something like writing with a pencil on a piece of paper. You work differently if you draw a sketch all by yourself other than creating it with a program. The Ledr Workbook tries to implement this idea in perfection. 

A workbook for notes and sketches, protected by a full grain leather cover. It was designed to fulfill three goals: built to last (high-quality), an ideal drawing and writing experience as well as extra space for small things you need in your daily life. This includes pens, tools or your smartphone. 

Product Details

  • Size (closed): 34.2 x 15.5 cm 
  • Material: full grain leather
  • Extra space for pens and tools

Crowdfunding Stats

Launched on kickstarter, September 9 (2016), 549 backers, 47.266$


Collections: Everyday Carry

Type: Notebook

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