Machine Era pen

Machine Era


  • High quality EDC pen made from brass
  • Sealed by threaded cap which can be screwed to the back
  • Ink is delivered by the well-loved Pilot G2 cartridge (included)
  • Compact design with hand-polished finish for everday carry
  • Precision machined, no need for rubber O-rings or moving parts
  • Made to last forever!


Durable and versatile, the Machine Era Pen is made to go with you everyday – whether you are jotting action points in a meeting, filling journal pages after a good trip, or our personal favorite, sketching fresh designs for future releases.

Even with a phone or computer almost always at hand, there is something irreplaceable about a pen and a paper. And for something you carry every day, the Machine Era Pen is well made and fit for use.

Product Details

  • Size: 11.6cm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Material: Solid Brass

    Collections: Everyday Carry Collection

    Type: Pen

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