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Skinners Technologies


  • Revolutionary ultraportable footwear with silver
  • Anti-abrasive double layer and waterproofed underside
  • Antibacterial yarns with pure silver (Ag+)
  • Good for fitness, hicking, travelling, running and your daily life
  • Comes in a transport bag with a closure 
  • Handmade, washable and durable


To enhance our performance, move faster and go farther, man has invented a lot of special kinds of footwear: rollerblades, cycling shoes, cleats, climbing shoes, heavy-duty hiking boots etc. But all too often this footwear is so specialized that we are forced to sacrifice on comfort, convenience, and even safety. To overcome the limits, where footwear starts to be a burden rather than a benefit, the Skinners were developed – ultraportable footwear for every adventure.

Product Details

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Material: Anti-abrasive, high-grip swedish polymer

Crowdfunding Stats

Launched on kickstarter, June 7 (2016), 9.624 backer, 654.557$

Size Chart

Walk with Skinners over shards!

Collections: Everyday Carry

Type: Socks

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