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Tuls | Wallet Tool

One Hundred


  • Compact tools in the size of your EC cards
  • Fits any slim wallet perfectly
  • Choose between Stainless Steel and Titanium
  • Rounded edges and corners prevent you from hurting yourself
  • Bottle opener for relaxing times after work
  • Ideal accessory for your Ridge Wallet 2.0


Meet Tuls - a collection of compact, well-designed, card-sized tools created to solve a range of everyday problems, bundled in functionally complimentary sets, flat enough to ride on your keychain or in your wallet/purse. They're designed to be there for you in those times when you can't reach the tool you wish you had. Tuls are laser cut from 18 gauge stainless steel or titanium, about as thick and rigid as a US dime; tough, durable and built to last.

Product Details

  • Size: credit-card sized (826 x 524 x 1,02 mm)
  • Weight: 39.7g
  • Material: Stainless Steel or Titanium 

Crowdfunding Stats

Launched on kickstarter, August 5 (2013), 718 backer, 37.909$

Collections: Everyday Carry

Type: Tool

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